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Apps built in: Django and Python, Pygame and Python, NodeJS, ExpressJS and MondgoDB, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Learning LogLearning Log

Learning Log - Build a list of catagories and log ideas and thoughts.

Django & Python
Property ManagementArduino

Property Management.

Java, PostgreSQL and Vue

Blog your thoughts

Python and Django
Bitcoin Price ClockBitcoin Price Clock

Bitcoin Price Clock -- Raspberry Pi Model 2 with a GPIO extension board displaying to a LCD. Python code communicates to Coinbase's API every two seconds and displays the price of Bitcoin.

Coinbase API, raspberry pi, python
Alien Invasion GameAlien Invasion Game

Alien Invasion Game -- Shoot the aliens as they march down the screen before they get to the bottom of the screen. Game code available on my public Git Hub account

Python and Pygame
Sports With FriendsSports With Friends

Pickleball With Friends -- Under Construction but kind of working - Matches players with other players in their sport, at their skill level and at a venue.

NodeJS, Express, MongoDB
Lottery With FriendsLottery With Friends

Lottery With Friends - "Under Construction" but kind of working - An app that allows friends to pool lottery tickets together to increase their odds of winning.

NodeJS, Express, MongoDB
Common Sense BlogCommon Sense Blog

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